Adelfie Gown

About the Adelfie Gown

The Adelfie gown is the lilac sister to the Narcissa Gown.

The name was chosen in the same Greek manner as the Narcissa. The word for 'sister' in Greek is adelfi. Just as Narcissa was used from the Greek hunter Narcissus.

This gown is made in a lavender satin base with a floral lace overlay on the skirt, matching the bubble sleeves.

Flowers and vines are handsewn throughout the corset and the skirt and adorned with rhinestones.

The Adelfie gown was created in a plus size.

Bubble sleeves were also created for this look just like it's yellow sister.

This gown features a corseted back with room to fit a wide range of sizes.

The skirt is also made in a double circle skirt for optimum twirling.