Bumble Gown

About the Bumble Gown

The Bumble Gown was created in the spring of 2020. I wanted to create a gown that reflected the beauty of the beloved honeybee. Each aspect of this gown represents a different part of the honeybee.

The back of the corset drops down below the hips in a rounded shape and covered in a metallic chiffon to represent the delicate wings of the bee.

The skirt is constructed with multiple off-center layers. These layers are all yellow except for one black layer. These represent the classic stripes on a bee.

The front of the corset has a special made honeycomb embroidery (available for purchase in the shop) and tiny rhinestones to replicate the bees at work.

Creating matching accessories really brought this look together. Bee wing brass earrings and a vial of "golden pollen" can be found in the Shop link.

Each section of the honeycomb is different and unique.

The modesty panel includes grommets to ensure it will not slide during wear.