Mermaid Gown

About the Mermaid Gown

The mermaid gown is arguably the most magical gown Mountain Flower Fantasies has created.

This gown is covered entirely in sequence. Lace, scales, and bubble rhinestones add to the elegance of this gown.

Lilac lace covers the lilac sequence on the cups of the corset for the "shell bra" famously worn by the elusive mermaids.

The golden colored sequence was chosen to reflect the beautiful sandy shores where mermaids are commonly found sunbathing.

Lilac lace creeps up the mermaid style skirt like the beautiful coral found in mermaid lagoons.

Bubble rhinestones and scales dot the corseted top adding just the right amount of mermaid elements.

Both the corseted top and the skirt lace along the back. This gown was made with curvy bodies in mind.