Raven Gown

About The Raven Gown

The Raven Gown is contrastly different from the usual gowns made by Mountain Flower Fantasies. Instead of a corseted top and skirt, this gown consists of panniers, a skirt, and an overdress.

This gown is made of a purple iridescent taffeta. Black rooster feather line the neck and shoulders. Soft feathers are also placed along the hips and sleeves.

The raven skull placed on the front of the gown is hand painted by local artist BeeZink.

Lace falls along the bottom of the skirt and the edges of sleeves; upon a closer look, you will find delicate skulls throughout the lace pattern.

This gown fits different themes: Renaissance, Horror, Romance.

The back of the over dress laces up to offer a wider range of sizes.

Like the feathers of a raven, this gown appears to be different colors in different lights.