Wildflower Gown

About the Wildflower Gown

The Wildflower Gown was one of the first gowns created by Mountain Flower Fantasies.

This gown features all of the whimsy of a field of lush wildflowers, and who doesn't love to frolic in the wildflowers?

This gown features three parts, a corseted top, a skirt, and a cape.

The skirt shows off a beautiful floral lace and has a train on the back of the skirt. The corset has the same floral lace hand cut and hand sewn carefully onto the bodice. Rhinestones shimmer throughout. The cape flows the length of the train of the skirt and is also detachable from the corset to offer two separate looks.

Back view with the cape attached.

Back view without the cape.

View of the train, full length, and floral lace on the skirt.

This gown is also fun to wear whilst frolicking in the woods.